Seeking Rehabilitation Rather Than Punishment Addiction-Related Offenses

When charged with crimes, most people assume they are totally responsible and have to take the full brunt of the consequences of their actions. While this is true to an extent, many crimes are perpetrated in part because of drug addiction. Drug crimes fall into this category, of course, but many theft crimes, violent crimes and other crimes are a direct result of addictions to drugs, which mitigates some of the personal responsibility for these crimes. In many ways, Lackawanna County is well ahead of the national curve in recognizing the importance of rehabilitation instead of punishment for criminal cases involving drug addiction.

Attorney William D. Thompson has a thorough understanding of the county’s drug rehabilitation court program, which can result in a much less punitive sentence and help you get free from drug addiction to start your life on a new path. Serving clients in Scranton and throughout the Lackawanna County area of Pennsylvania, Thompson Law focuses on helping clients reduce their sentences through drug rehabilitation programs and other diversionary sentencing programs in Pennsylvania. Mr. Thompson can help you minimize the penalties you are facing and address the underlying issues.

Get A New Start

Most people don’t realize that these diversionary programs exist. However, the vast majority of Thompson Law‘s clients are facing charges that either involved drugs and drug addiction or were motivated in some way by drug addiction. In these cases, many clients are eligible to go through one of the county’s diversionary court programs.

The legal process in diversionary court programs is very similar to that of the regular criminal court system, except the motivation is to help you rather than to punish you.

In many cases, you will plead guilty to the charges that you are facing, and the result is often a specified time in a rehab program followed by probation, rather than incarceration. Most people want to avoid incarceration, but the larger benefit is that you will be given the tools you need to be free from drug addiction so that you can start a new life.

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