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If you are being investigated or have been charged with a sexual offense of any type in Scranton or throughout Pennsylvania, it is important that you reach out to a Scranton criminal defense attorney right away to discuss how to proceed with your case. At the , we know that sexual crimes are serious offenses and often carry serious penalties.

Being investigated or charged with a sexual offense also carries very negative social connotations that can result in loss of friends, family and even possibly cost you your career. This is why it is so important to retain the legal counsel of a competent attorney who will protect your future.

Get in touch with our Scranton sex crime attorney today to learn more about how our legal team can help you.

Sex Crimes And Serious Penalties

Crimes that involve a person engaging in sexual intercourse with another who suffers from a mental disability and cannot consent, is unconscious, is unaware or when intercourse was committed by forcible compulsion or threat or when drugs or intoxicants are involved, are taken very seriously. In the eye of the law, offenses of this nature are prosecuted heavily, and you could face very serious consequences if you are convicted, including fines, court costs, restitution, prison sentences and mandatory registration in the national sex offender database.

A few of the most common sex crimes our firm defends include the following:

  • Rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Statutory sexual assault
  • Involuntary deviate sexual intercourse
  • Sexual assault
  • Aggravated indecent assault
  • Indecent assault
  • Incest
  • Endangering the welfare of children
  • Corruption of minors
  • Sexual abuse of children
  • Unlawful contact with a minor
  • Sexual exploitation of children

Understanding Megan’s Law

Megan’s Law is the informal name of the law that requires law enforcement to make information available to the public in regard to registered sex offenders. There are a few crimes under specific circumstances that require 10-year registration under Megan’s Law. Meanwhile, other crimes of a sexual nature require mandatory lifetime registration, which means that if you are convicted, you will be on the national registry forever.

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