Have You Been Accused Of Selling Controlled Substances In Scranton?

If you’ve been arrested for the selling of a controlled substance, you can expect little leniency from the legal system – drug crimes often carry some of the harshest punishments, and you should not hesitate to put a fierce litigator on your side to protect your rights and liberties.

Attorney William D. Thompson has successfully defended clients throughout Lackawanna County. When your future is hanging in the balance, your choice in defense can significantly impact the outcome of your case. Thompson Law is available 24/7 to advocate on your behalf.

Penalties For Drug Sales

Pennsylvania’s drug laws classify not only well-known drugs as controlled dangerous substances (CDS), but also the materials used to manufacture the drugs. These compounds and drugs are divided into five “schedules.” Schedule I consists of drugs that have a high abuse and addiction rate, while Schedule V drugs consist of drugs that, while dangerous, do not pose imminent threat.

If convicted for selling CDS, penalties can include:

  • First offense: Up to one year in jail and fines of up to $5,000
  • Subsequent offense: Up to three years in prison and $250,000 in fines
  • If the offense involves amphetamine or methamphetamine: Up to two years in prison
  • If the offense involves GHB: Up to $250,000 or 15 years in prison

A Defense Firm Standing By You

Your choice in representation has never been more important than when you’re facing serious criminal charges. In a system that can feel rather isolating, you can trust that you will never feel alone with Thompson Law firm by your side. Scranton drug crime attorney William D. Thompson takes the time to get to know you, your story and your goals.

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