Scranton Parole Violation Attorney

Have You Been Accused Of Violating Your Parole In Scranton?

Have you recently been released from prison on parole as a conditional term of your release? If so, you know that there are very specific and strict terms that you must follow, which include reporting to a parole officer, maintaining spotless ethical conduct and laying low.

When you have been accused or arrested for violating the rules of your parole, it is important that you act quickly to retain legal counsel. There are strict penalties involved if you are found guilty of parole violation, including having to return to prison for the rest of your sentence. Our Scranton criminal defense lawyer at the Thompson Law can provide you with the level of legal defense you need on your side.

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Is There An Arrest Warrant Out In Your Name?

If law enforcement believes that you have violated your parole, it is vital that you take action to protect your rights. Our Scranton parole violation attorney is highly knowledgeable and experienced at building defense strategies for accusations of this nature. We understand that you may be feeling very stressed or worried about your future, and we are here to put your mind at ease.

A few examples of probation violations we can defend against include:

  • Illegal possession of a firearm
  • Failure to meet with your probation officer
  • Violating an existing protective order
  • Making contact with a known criminal
  • Failing to notify the probation officer of changes
  • Failing to show up for your drug test
  • Failing your drug test

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With 15 years of experience under our belt, we have handled a wide range of complex cases of probation violation. We are committed to meeting your needs and helping you obtain positive results for your case.

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