An Experienced Scranton Criminal Defense Attorney Assisting Clients With Probation Violation Charges

After you have been convicted for certain criminal offenses, probation is often part of the sentence that you are given by the judge. This period of probation may be the main form of punishment or it may be mandated after you have served your prison term. Whatever the case may be, there are very strict rules of probation that you must follow no matter what.

If you have allegedly failed to follow the terms and guidelines of your probation, you could face the consequences of a violation. Therefore, it’s time to contact Thompson Law. Criminal defense attorney William D. Thompson has dealt with a number of probation violation cases in Lackawanna County and can provide you with quality legal care.

Common Examples Of Probation Violations

A violation of your probation can occur in a number of different ways and are taken very seriously in the eyes of the law. After a judge has granted probation, which is often seen as a lighter sentence, they will likely consider that you are not taking the term seriously by disrespecting their orders. If you or someone you care about has been accused of violating your probation, Scranton criminal defense lawyer William D. Thompson can help.

He can defend you against the following types of probation violations:

  • Failure to pay required fines or restitution
  • Failure to attend a mandatory meeting
  • Failure to notify your probation officer of mandated information
  • Arrest for any type of new criminal act
  • Testing positive for drug or alcohol use

Don’t want to seek legal help if you know or suspect that you will be accused of violating your probation.

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