A Skilled Scranton Defense Lawyer Working To Appeal Criminal Convictions In Pennsylvania

Being convicted of any crime is a very stressful and life-altering situation, especially if the conviction occurred as a result of mistakes in the justice system. If you feel that the justice system has failed you and want a second chance to prove your innocence, you will need the help of a Scranton criminal defense attorney.

The consequences that a conviction carries, such as fines, prison sentences, mandatory parole or probation, and the loss of certain privileges can weigh heavily on you, your family and your future. Attorney William D. Thompson knows that you may be feeling upset about the results of your trial and want to file an appeal.

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Can You Help Me File An Appeal?

Although prosecutors and law enforcement officials are supposed to take great precautions when they are putting together a case, there is always room for mistakes. Injustices can occur and this can lead to you being wrongly convicted of an act that you did not commit. Mr. Thompson is highly experienced at filing appeals for individuals like yourself, and he takes the time to explore the entire process which led up to your conviction to determine where the mistake was made.

A few defense strategies he may explore include the following:

    • Evidence that your defense attorney made mistakes in your initial case
    • Evidence that would have strengthened your defense that was left out
    • Evidence that the prosecution intentionally misled or lied to the jury
    • Evidence that the sentencing did not follow the Federal Sentencing Guidelines
    • Evidence that evidence used in the case was gathered illegally

You have the right to an attorney, and you should take quick action to hire a Scranton appeals lawyer to defend you. Contact the firm today to set up a case consultation.