Strong Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

While the popular culture and media are correct that domestic violence is a serious crime, it is often forgotten that the people charged with this crime also deserve a fair trial and vigorous defense. There are many cases involving false accusations of domestic violence, either from a spouse or from neighbors who get nervous about a simple argument and call the police. If you have been charged, you need strong defense from an experienced lawyer who will fight for you.

At , we will fight for you. Attorney William D. Thompson takes an approach of respect for our clients and committed advocacy. In 15 years as a lawyer, he has been awarded 10 Best for Client Satisfaction by the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys, which shows our firm’s commitment and respect for the people we serve. If you have been charged with domestic violence in Scranton, Lackawanna County or the surrounding area of Pennsylvania, we will provide you with the strong defense you need.

What Is Domestic Violence?

On the face of it, domestic violence seems pretty obvious, but there are some important nuances for you to understand:

  • Required arrest: When the police are called in for a domestic violence situation, they are required to make an arrest.
  • How the domestic relationship is defined: For an assault or abuse charge to be considered domestic violence, the purported victim has to be in a certain relationship with the person accused of the crime. This relationship has to fall into one of these categories: family or household members, sexual partners or those who share biological parenthood.
  • Types of abuse: Really almost any type of mistreatment can be considered abuse. This includes bodily injury, assault, sexual assault of any kind and repetitive conduct that puts the other person in fear of bodily injury.

Each of these factors has complications and nuances. The bottom line is that if someone has called in a domestic violence complaint, you will be arrested, and it is up to the prosecutor (NOT the alleged victim) whether or not to prosecute the charges. The definition of domestic violence is broad, which means it is easy to find a way to charge you for this crime.

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