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Aggravated assault is a serious charge. If you or a loved one is convicted of aggravated assault, the consequences are severe in the state of Pennsylvania. Make sure you have a skilled Scranton aggravated assault attorney on your side. Our founding attorney, William D. Thompson, is dedicated to protecting the rights and freedom of his clients. Call us to discuss the specifics of your case as soon as possible.

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Pennsylvania Aggravated Assault Law

According to the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, aggravated assault is defined as an attempt “to cause serious bodily injury to another.” If someone causes serious bodily injury intentionally, knowingly or recklessly under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life, that is also considered aggravated assault. Likewise, any attempt at violence against a public official performing his or her duties would be listed under the same crime, including using tear or noxious gas or a stun gun to incapacitate them.

Penalties For Aggravated Assault In Pennsylvania

Aggravated assault is a first- or second-degree felony, depending on the circumstances. Committing aggravated assault against a police officer or firefighter will result in a first-degree felony, the penalty for which is up to 20 years in prison. In all other circumstances, it would be considered a second-degree felony, which carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. You might also face fines, which can be added to any prison sentence under state law; however, these are left to the discretion of the trial judge to determine.

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