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When a crime is committed using violence or a threat of violence, it is classified as a violent crime. If you or someone you love has been accused of an offense that falls in this category, you could be facing very serious consequences.

Whether violence was the objective or just a means to an end in the alleged offense, the law takes these crimes very seriously. At the Thompson Law, our Scranton criminal defense lawyer is here to help you if you are under arrest or are being investigated for a violent crime in the state of Pennsylvania.

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Our firm can help defend you against a number of violent crime charges, including the following:

Are You In Need Of A Scranton Violent Crime Attorney?

The sooner you retain a lawyer to represent you, the better. As soon as you hire our firm, our attorney can get to work building an effective strategy for your defense. Having an experienced firm on your side provides you with the best chance of a successful case.

Providing Valuable Legal Counsel

The prosecution, jurors and judges who are responsible for making a decision on violent crimes tend to reach for the harshest sentences. If you are facing serious charges of this nature, you need to take immediate action to hire an attorney who is prepared to defend you. Having a skilled lawyer on your side can provide you with the advantage you need to fight your accusation.

Our legal team is not afraid to work hard and fight for your rights to help you achieve a positive outcome in your case. Please reach out to us now to get started with a case consultation