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Understanding White Collar Crimes

The term “white collar” supposedly originated in 1939. It was used to differentiate business and government executives from blue collar workers in the lower class. Today, white collar crimes refer to acts of fraud that often occur through deceit, violation of trust and concealment. Furthermore, the main motivation for white collar crimes is financial gain.

White collar crimes can wreak financial havoc on individual businesses. They can also cost investors billions of dollars and disrupt the stability of the U.S. economy. Because of the potential damage to the nation’s financial infrastructure, the FBI is working with the Internal Revenue Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, and other federal and state institutions to crack down on white collar crimes.

White collar crimes are often charged as felonies and carry severe penalties. These include:

  • Lengthy prison sentences
  • Hefty fines
  • Forfeiture of assets (in bankruptcy fraud)

The penalties for white collar crimes vary, depending on certain factors. For example, if you have a prior conviction, the penalties will be more severe. Furthermore, if the amount of money involved in the fraud is significant, the penalties will increase. It is important to seek experienced representation as soon as possible after your arrest. At the Thompson Law, Scranton criminal defense lawyer William D. Thompson can analyze your situation and help determine an effective legal strategy as you seek a favorable outcome.

Types Of White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes involve a broad range of fraud and financial deceit. They typically do not involve any physical violence and may go unnoticed for months or even years before being discovered. However, they can cause severe financial losses to individual businesses and corporations.

Common types of white collar crimes include:

  • Corporate fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Identity theft
  • Investment fraud
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Tax evasion
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Embezzlement

Other types of fraud include bank fraud, mortgage fraud, health care fraud and insurance fraud. Corporate fraud often uses deception to present false information about the financial condition of a company to investors, analysts and auditors. This may involve false accounting entries, illicit transactions and fraudulent trades to hide losses or inflate profits. Because of the potential harm to the financial health of businesses in the United States, the FBI is conducting investigations and cracking down on corporate fraud.

Money laundering, another common type of white collar crime, is the process where illegally-obtained (dirty) money is filtered through a series of transactions to make it seem legal. Penalties for money laundering include restitution of twice the value of the money laundered (up to $500,000) and incarceration for other felonies involved in the money laundering. The related felonies often involve drug trafficking, human sex trafficking, securities fraud and enterprise corruption.

Ponzi Schemes And Tax Evasion

Ponzi schemes, and other financial fraud schemes, are common white collar crimes. A Ponzi scheme is a type of investment fraud. It occurs when fraudsters use the funds from new investors to pay the promised returns to existing investors in a fake business. The scheme often promises high returns with little or no risk, provides unusually consistent returns and uses unregistered investments.

Tax evasion is often used to avoid paying taxes that you owe. It involves filling out tax forms with false information, or illegally transferring money or property to avoid paying tax obligations. Individuals and business entities can be convicted of tax evasion, and the IRS is working with the FBI to investigate and arrest those who have committed this white collar crime.

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