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Defense For Theft Crimes In Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania

Simply put, theft is the act of taking another’s property. In order to convict someone of theft, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant unlawfully transferred, took or exercised control of another’s property with the intent of depriving the owner of it.

It is also considered a theft crime if a person accepts or receives property they know has been stolen and they don’t intend to return it to the owner. Accusations are broad and being charged with a theft offense can come with serious penalties.

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Types Of Theft

There are a number of accusations associated with theft crimes.

These include:

  • Theft by deception, where the defendant intentionally withholds property of another by deceiving them
  • Theft by extortion, where the defendant obtains or withholds property by threatening to harm the victim or commit another criminal offense
  • Theft of lost property, where the defendant fails to try to return the lost property to its rightful owner
  • Theft of services

If you’ve been accused of any of the above, it is important that you seek the dedicated representation you need to help you understand your options and possible defenses. Our Scranton theft crime attorneys work with clients throughout Pennsylvania to help them face their theft accusations.

Penalties For Theft Crimes

If you are convicted of theft in Pennsylvania, the sentences and penalties vary depending on the charges and value of the property stolen. Possible penalties can include fines and reparation, jail or prison time, and a permanent mark on your criminal record.

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When facing such serious consequences and life-altering repercussions of being charged with theft in Lackawanna County, you should ensure that you are represented by a skilled and knowledgeable theft crime lawyer from Scranton.

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