How a DUI charge can impact your mental health

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2022 | DUI

It is not always easy to tell if you are good to drive after consuming a drink or two, and even a slight miscalculation can land you behind bars.

A DUI charge is often a first-time offense for young people, and if you are not familiar with the criminal justice system, it can take a huge toll on your mental and emotional health.

Facing increased stress, anxiety and depression

A DUI is serious, and a conviction may mean criminal as well as non-criminal consequences. If law enforcement accuses you of drunk driving, you may start to think about all the things you have to lose. Aside from forfeiting your driving privileges, you may face termination of your employment, increased insurance rates or loss of educational opportunities. You may struggle with feelings of hopelessness and wonder if you will ever be able to recover. The negative thoughts you have about yourself during this difficult time may exacerbate your feelings of anxiety and depression, leading you down a dangerous path.

Coping with pending DUI charges

If you do not have the tools to deal with your emotional stress, you could potentially spiral out of control. To set yourself up for success during and after your legal dealings, you should:

  • Examine your relationship with alcohol or drugs
  • Seek professional counseling or therapy services
  • Lean on your network of friends and family
  • Learn about Pennsylvania DUI law and the legal process

A DUI is not the end of your life, and with the right support you can overcome your conviction and move on with your mental health intact.