Beware the Trap of Blackout Wednesday

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and for many people that means
making travel plans, preparing a menu, and getting ready to spend the
holiday with family (as well as possibly gearing up for the following
day’s shopping frenzy.) However, what if we told you that the day
before Thanksgiving is also a day of note? While it is the single busiest
road traffic day of the entire calendar year across the country, the truth
is there’s more to it than that.

When you ask the average person what days you’re most likely to come
in contact with drunk drivers each year, most will answer things like
the fourth of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, New Year’s Eve, St.
Patrick’s Day, and plenty of others. What many people don’t
realize is that the day before Thanksgiving also falls on this list, and
in some cities, actually rises right to the top.

The day before Thanksgiving is often referred to as “Blackout Wednesday,”
and in areas around the country, it’s the busiest night of the year
for bars and taverns. This may come as a surprise to some people, especially
given that the Thanksgiving holiday isn’t one known for drunkenness
and a general party atmosphere. However, the night before often features
plenty of it.

The reasoning for it is fairly simple. In many cases, it’s the first
day home for college students who are out on vacation after weeks of grueling
exams and midterms. Often it’s their first opportunity to see old
friends who may have gone their separate ways and reunite over drinks
to discuss their lives. For family members who may not have seen each
other in some time, this provides a similar opportunity, including the
ability to unwind after a long and often-frustrating day of travel.

All of these people decide to go out for a drink at a local beverage establishment,
and few plan ahead to ensure that they have a ride home afterward. As
a result, there are a ton of inebriated drivers out on the road making
driving more dangerous for everyone.

Increased Chances of a DUI

Law enforcement are well aware of blackout Wednesday, and it’s not
uncommon to see increased patrols and sobriety checkpoints on this night,
especially in areas close to where there is a larger number of bars and
restaurants. Even though it’s the night before a holiday, they won’t
hesitate to arrest you and charge you with driving under the influence.
And that could really put a damper on your holiday plans.

If you plan on going out with family or friends on Blackout Wednesday,
do the smart thing and plan ahead. Either take a taxi or rideshare over
to your location, or go with a designated driver who can get you home
safely. The last thing you want to have to worry about over Thanksgiving
dinner is an impending hearing request deadline as well as a future court date.

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