Ohio Deputy to Be Prosecuted for Shooting Photographer

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The Ohio Attorney General’s office has stated that the Sheriff’s
Deputy who was involved in the shooting of an unarmed photographer will
be prosecuted for his actions. Deputy Jake Shaw, who has been placed on
administrative leave, could face serious assault with a deadly weapon
charges after the Clark County prosecutor requested the use of special

The situation began in the early-morning hours of September 5th, when The New Carlisle News, a small journalism organization reported
that one of their employees had been shot by a police officer at a routine
traffic stop. Andy Grimm, a photographer for the organization, told the
news organization he went out to try to get pictures of lightning when
he noticed a traffic stop in the Dayton suburb. Grimm decided to set up
his tripod to get some photos of the stop when he was shot in the side.

Grimm was immediately taken to a hospital where he underwent successful
surgery and he is expected to recover. Grimm has stated he doesn’t
want the deputy to lose his job over the misunderstanding, but he may
not get that wish. The case was turned over to criminal investigators
just a few hours later that morning, and by the late afternoon the Attorney
General’s office announced that the officer would face prosecution.

Police Violence & Criminal Charges

Law enforcement has a difficult job; there’s no denying that fact.
However, officers are here to protect and serve our community, and unfortunately
they can sometimes act out of those guidelines, leading to situations
such as this. When they are, they should be held accountable for their actions.

Reports about this incident from
The New York Times don’t give much in the way of details about the story, other than
mentioning that Grimm got out of his jeep and was setting up his tripod
when he was shot, but it appears as though this is a case of an officer
mistaking something for a firearm and protecting themselves. Nonetheless,
this isn’t an excuse for the harm done. Law enforcement are only
allowed to use deadly force in situations where an individual is placing
the officers or other people at risk.

While the charges levied against Deputy Shaw have not yet been released,
it would not be surprising if he is accused of assault with a deadly weapon
amongst other possible violent crime charges. The circumstances of the
crime mean prosecutors may not pursue the heaviest penalties possible,
but it should come as little surprise if the officer loses his job.

If you have been arrested or threatened with violence by a police officer,
it’s important that you hold them accountable, particularly if their
actions were entirely unwarranted. A Scranton criminal defense attorney
can help you stand up for your rights and pursue the justice you deserve
if you have been criminally accused.

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