DUI Preliminary Hearings In Scranton, Pennsylvania

Scranton DUI Hearing Lawyers

After a DUI arrest and arraignment, depending on how you plead to your charges, you may undergo a preliminary DUI hearing. These hearings are often referred to as the trial before the trial,” and the judge will decide whether there is sufficient evidence to suggest that you, the defendant, go to trial.

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Probable Cause And Preliminary Hearings

In order to fairly determine whether you should stand trial, the judge will use the legal standard of “probable cause,” which decides if there is sufficient evidence to convince a reasonable jury that the defendant actually committed the crime he or she is charged with. During the trial, you can expect that prosecutors will attempt to bring forth evidence to suggest that you should go to trial. Should you hire our legal services, you can trust that we will leave no stone unturned in fighting the evidence that is brought against you.

In DUI cases, probable cause can be established if the officer observes any of the following driving behaviors:

  • Driving on the centerline
  • Illegal turns
  • Drifting between lanes
  • Frequent braking

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Although most DUI cases do not reach the preliminary hearing stage, it’s imperative that you hire aggressive representation to ensure that you have a fierce litigator on your side during every step of the legal process. Our Scranton criminal defense lawyer strives to build a client-attorney relationship that is founded on non-judgmental communication, mutual trust, and understanding.

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