Scranton Drug Crime Lawyer

Drug Crimes & Pennsylvania’s Drug Court Programs

In some instances, individuals who have been charged or convicted of a drug crime may be eligible to seek reduced penalties, including drug court programs. These types of programs attempt to break the cycle of substance abuse and addiction, rather than forcing offenders into mandatory prison sentences that do not necessarily fix the true behavioral problem.

Pennsylvania drug courts primarily help offenders by enforcing the following:

  • Judicial supervision
  • Mandatory, frequent court appearances
  • Mandatory, frequent drug testing
  • Structured substance abuse treatment
  • Recovery services and rehabilitation
  • Other incentives to rehabilitate the offender

Court programs utilize a high level of supervision, which could include a drug court team. The drug court team typically is made up of a judge, prosecutor, defense counsel, probations officers, treatment providers, and court coordinators. This helps ensure that the patient /offender has an effective balance of authority and support throughout his or her recovery. If an offender does not comply with the drug program, members of the drug court team are able to take prompt action in reinstating criminal proceedings or imposing the appropriate sanctions.

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