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Facing murder charges is one of the most stressful, frustrating, and debilitating experiences one can endure. Murder is the most serious crime one can be convicted of, as it results in a number of serious, lifelong consequences. If you are currently facing murder charges and don’t know where else to turn, look no further than our Scranton criminal defense attorneys of the Law Offices of William D. Thompson.

The legal definition of murder is as follows: an intentional killing that is not legally justified and thus unlawful, or committed with malice aforethought, which means the person in question behaved extremely recklessly, displaying a disregard for the victim’s life. Malice aforethought may also refer to intentionally inflicting serious bodily harm unto the victim, resulting in the victim’s eventual death. Murder can be either first degree or second degree.

The punishments for a murder conviction are incredible severe, as they always include a minimum jail sentence and a very hefty fine. If convicted, you will also likely be forced to deal with these consequences for the rest of your life--as they will permanently remain on your record unless proven otherwise. The seriousness of your situation is not lost on our Scranton criminal defense attorneys, as we know just how much is on the line. This is why we will act quickly in doing all we can to disprove the evidence being held against you, as well as to prove your innocence overall.

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