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  • How Do Police Test for Marijuana Intoxication?

    Most drivers know that they can be arrested and charged with a crime if they get behind the wheel after having a few too many drinks. However, the law doesn’t specify that you must be intoxicated by alcohol, and in fact it also applies to drugs including marijuana. However, the breathalyzer, the most reliable and fastest way to determine blood alcohol content levels, is useless when trying to ...
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  • An Overview of Pennsylvania's Marijuana Laws

    Laws are always changing, but today perhaps none are changing more often or more dramatically than those governing marijuana. What was a controlled and banned substance for decades is now being pushed for its medical benefits, and advocates believe that the ability to purchase and consume is a matter of personal liberty. This has led to sweeping changes in an increasing number of states across the ...
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  • Pennsylvania Begins Medical Marijuana Sales

    The state of Pennsylvania has long been known for its strict stance on marijuana, including medical marijuana. However, a program that’s been in the works for two years has just recently come to fruition as dispensaries around the state have begun to open their doors to sell highly-controlled and limited amounts of marijuana to customers who have received clearance from their doctor. The first ...
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  • What Could Be Considered "Drug Paraphernalia?"

    When it comes to drug crimes, there is perhaps no more vague of an accusation than possession of “drug paraphernalia.” In essence, this law is designed to try and stamp down on people who have tools used to ingest illegal narcotics or controlled substances. However, because so many everyday household items can be used to do this, the laws have become pretty hazy. What the Laws Say Pennsylvania’s ...
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  • Do I Need an Attorney for Possession of Marijuana Charges?

    Marijuana is still considered a controlled substance in the state of Pennsylvania. While the state has legalized it for use in medical circumstances, if you are charged with possession of marijuana without a prescription, you could be facing incarceration for up to 12 months or a fine up to $5,000. Depending on whether or not you have a prescription, the district attorney will be looking to ...
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  • Synthetic Marijuana Can Still Get You in Trouble

    Relatively new, synthetic marijuana is also referred to as K2. Though you may believe synthetic marijuana is not punishable under law, it certainly is. Despite popular belief, it is still illegal to possess or distribute synthetic marijuana, and penalties can be quite severe. Synthetic marijuana is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, also known as the FDA, making it an illegal ...
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