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  • A Brief Overview of Pennsylvania's Firearms Laws

    Recent tragedies have turned the public discourse to the topic of firearms, and with proponents of both sides of the debate arguing fiercely, there’s bound to be a large amount of misinformation and falsehoods that come out and make their way into the public consciousness. As a result, people all around the state and even around the country are confused as to what is and is not legal in regards to ...
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  • Teen Sexting and Common High School/College Offenses

    Teenagers, high school students, and college students do not always make the most informed or thought-ahead of solutions. This is because oftentimes, youth do not consider long-term consequences to their actions. In today’s day and age, many teenagers are relying on technology as their primary form of communication, whether that means sending an instant message, text, or photo. Many teens partake ...
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  • Ohio Deputy to Be Prosecuted for Shooting Photographer

    The Ohio Attorney General’s office has stated that the Sheriff’s Deputy who was involved in the shooting of an unarmed photographer will be prosecuted for his actions. Deputy Jake Shaw, who has been placed on administrative leave, could face serious assault with a deadly weapon charges after the Clark County prosecutor requested the use of special prosecutors. The situation began in the ...
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