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Blog Posts in September, 2018

  • What's the Difference Between a Federal & State Crime?

    There are lots of different criminal offenses, and in fact several are illegal on many different levels. The majority of offenses are prosecuted either on the state level or on the federal level. However, few people actually understand the difference between these two designations and what it might mean for their case. On this blog, we’ll explain it in greater detail. Priority of Jurisdiction ...
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  • How Accurate Are Field Sobriety Tests?

    In order for law enforcement to legally arrest someone, charge them with DUI, and then have them take a chemical BAC test, officers must first legally establish probable cause. Probable cause is a “reasonable suspicion” that someone has committed a crime based on available circumstantial evidence. In order to establish this standard, officers use field sobriety tests, which are tasks that are ...
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