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Blog Posts in 2018

  • Things Needed to Prove Guilt in a Domestic Violence Case

    Domestic violence case are often extremely difficult to navigate, primarily because there is usually a lack of evidence and the charges are based off nothing more than the word of an alleged victim. While nobody wants to see perpetrators get away with their actions and victims not receive the justice they deserve, laws and general public attitude towards these accusations are generally not ...
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  • A Brief Overview of Pennsylvania's Firearms Laws

    Recent tragedies have turned the public discourse to the topic of firearms, and with proponents of both sides of the debate arguing fiercely, there’s bound to be a large amount of misinformation and falsehoods that come out and make their way into the public consciousness. As a result, people all around the state and even around the country are confused as to what is and is not legal in regards to ...
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  • An Overview of Pennsylvania's Marijuana Laws

    Laws are always changing, but today perhaps none are changing more often or more dramatically than those governing marijuana. What was a controlled and banned substance for decades is now being pushed for its medical benefits, and advocates believe that the ability to purchase and consume is a matter of personal liberty. This has led to sweeping changes in an increasing number of states across the ...
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  • Pennsylvania Begins Medical Marijuana Sales

    The state of Pennsylvania has long been known for its strict stance on marijuana, including medical marijuana. However, a program that’s been in the works for two years has just recently come to fruition as dispensaries around the state have begun to open their doors to sell highly-controlled and limited amounts of marijuana to customers who have received clearance from their doctor. The first ...
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  • The Three Commonly-Accepted Field Sobriety Tests

    Even as little as thirty years ago, law enforcement officers were obtaining probable cause to make DUI arrests by all sorts of means that were as wildly inaccurate as they were varied. This prompted a massive study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration into these tests in order to find out which ones were the most accurate and how to make them better to lead to fewer mistakes, ...
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  • Will I Be Charged with a Felony or Misdemeanor DUI?

    Most people know about the crime of driving under the influence but few people know just what kind of crime it actually is. Is it a moving violation, like a traffic ticket? Or does it stick on your criminal history as well as your driving record? The answer is yes, driving under the influence, or DUI, is a criminal charge, and you could face either misdemeanor or felony charges for it. What many ...
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  • Sealing Your Record May Become Hassle Free Soon!

    Did you know that one out of every three Americans has some form of a criminal record that shows up on a background check? That’s the same number of people as those who have a college degree. Yet for those with a criminal record, life is certainly a lot more difficult, especially when it comes to finding employment or a place to live. That’s because more than 90 percent of all business run ...
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  • What Could Be Considered "Drug Paraphernalia?"

    When it comes to drug crimes, there is perhaps no more vague of an accusation than possession of “drug paraphernalia.” In essence, this law is designed to try and stamp down on people who have tools used to ingest illegal narcotics or controlled substances. However, because so many everyday household items can be used to do this, the laws have become pretty hazy. What the Laws Say Pennsylvania’s ...
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